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√ Cooling and relaxing effects for your tired legs

√ Instant and sustained result, proven by laboratory tests

√ Not harmful for your health – patches can be you can use every day


Venolite is a hydrogel-type patch for the relief of severe leg syndrome caused by circulatory problems due to an insufficient elasticity of the veins, as well as the “tired feet” syndrome. The patch provides a double action, thanks to the unique hydrogel technology. The cooling and soothing effect is provided by the hydrogel structure matrix of the patch: due to the effect of evaporation, the 3D polymer matrix structure of the patch creates a cooling effect for the feet. Venolite is intended for daily use

Recommended for:

– people who work at jobs, where it is necessary to stand for a long time

– using after sports activities

– using after wearing high-heeled shoes

– during pregnancy

The main ingredients of hydrogel patches are natural – chemical synthetic ingredients are NOT used. Clinically proven effect. Bestseller in Korea and Asia

Ingredients: Grape Leaf Extract, Citrus Peel Extract, Eucalyptus Oil, Orange Oil, Lavender Oil


1 layer – non-tissue base (or polyurethane). This layer prevents the evaporation of the main ingredients

2 layer – a polymeric hydrogel layer consisting of water (H2O) and the ingredients themselves. 2nd layer is responsible for delivering the essential ingredients to the skin and its moisturizing. When a hydrogel patch and a skin collide, due to the warmth of the body, there are a gradual hydration and delivery of the ingredients into a skin throughout all usage time

3 layer – a transparent protective film that is removed before applying the patch