T-Zone Patch AC

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√ Intensive skin care on the forehead
√ Convenient application
√ Safe for use


T-zone patch AC is specially developed for intensive care for acne caused by seborrhea. The innovative hydrogel patch will help to reduce acne, provide a moisturizing and cooling effect on the affected area of ​​the skin of the T-zone. The patch works well with the skin and is easy to use. It is recommended to use at night for 6-8 hours. The main ingredients of hydrogel patches are natural – chemical synthetic ingredients are NOT used. Clinically proven effect. Made in Korea

Ingredients: Arnica Montana Extract, Zinc Citrate, Sodium Shale Oil Sulfonate, Olive Leafe Extract, Grapefruit Fruit Extract, Tea Tree Leaf Oil, Yeast Extract

The frequency of use:

Depending on the severity of seborrhea and the amount of acne, if it’s intensive – you need to use patches each day for 2 weeks. It is also possible to extend the usage for another 2 weeks


1 layer – non-tissue base (or polyurethane). This layer prevents the evaporation of the main ingredients

2 layer – a polymeric hydrogel layer consisting of water (H2O) and the ingredients themselves. 2nd layer is responsible for delivering the essential ingredients to the skin and its moisturizing. When a hydrogel patch and a skin collide, due to the warmth of the body, there are a gradual hydration and delivery of the ingredients into a skin throughout all usage time

3 layer – a transparent protective film that is removed before applying the patch