Seaweed (Detox) Facial Patch

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  • Anti-aging/Anti-oxidant Effect
  • Brightening Effect
  • Detoxification Effect
  • Moisturizing Effect
  • Clinically Proven

Seaweed Facial Patch is a hydrogel patch for brightening the skin and provide Anti-aging effect. The sea tangle extract (Laminaria Japonica Extract) can restore skin elasticity by increasing the formulation of collagen and collagen cross-link substance such as Pyridinoline. The Fucoidan of Kajime extract (Ecklonia cava extract) can give moisturizing effect and improves wrinkles. This patch also adsorption of air pollutants (fine dust) that block the skin’s pores and produces detoxification effects based on unique formulation. And, it can calm down the irritation and help recovery of damaged skin by UV light. Because of This patch can give active ingredients and moisture to skin for a maximum of 8 hours


Sea tangle Extract, Kajime Extract (Ecklonia Cava Extract), Cucumber juice, Licorice Extract, Sea buckthorn Extract, Chamomile flower Extract, Centella asiatica Extract


  1. After washing, wipe the face with tonner.
  2. Remove the transparent release liner. Apply and adjust the patch on the specific part (forehead, nose, cheeks, etc.).
  3. Use for 3~6 hours for intensive skin care


1 layer – non-tissue base (or polyurethane). This layer prevents the evaporation of the main ingredients

2 layer – a polymeric hydrogel layer consisting of water (H2O) and the ingredients themselves. 2nd layer is responsible for delivering the essential ingredients to the skin and its moisturizing. When a hydrogel patch and a skin collide, due to the warmth of the body, there are a gradual hydration and delivery of the ingredients into a skin throughout all usage time

3 layer – a transparent protective film that is removed before applying the patch