Eye Area Bright Patch


√ Intensive care of dark skin under the eyes

√ Whitening and moisturizing focusing action
√ Innovative hydrogel technology


Eye Area Bright Patch is a unique patch for intensive therapy of dark circles under eyes and improving skin elasticity. This patch helps to make a bright skin effectively by various ingredients which has whitening effect. The innovative hydrogel patch technology is designed to saturate tired skin and maintain a delicate skin in the eye area and also helps to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The whole line of anti-aging products is 100% authentic Korean product.


Eye Area Bright Patch provides:
– getting rid of dark circles
– moisturizing of the skin under the eyes
– cooling effect
– support of tenderness of the skin in the under eyes area
– reduction of wrinkles

The package contains 4 pairs of patches. Cosmetics for a night and home care – it is recommended to leave patches under the eyes for at least one hour or for a better result at night for 4-8 hours. The main ingredients of hydrogel patches are natural – chemical synthetic ingredients NOT used. Clinically proven effect

Ingredients: Licorice Extract, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Chamomilla Flower Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Sodium Hyaluronic acid, Lemon, Tea tree Oil

The frequency of use:

It is recommended to apply patches 1-2 times a week


1 layer – non-tissue base (or polyurethane). This layer prevents the evaporation of the main ingredients

2 layer – a polymeric hydrogel layer consisting of water (H2O) and the ingredients themselves. 2nd layer is responsible for delivering the essential ingredients to the skin and its moisturizing. When a hydrogel patch and a skin collide, due to the warmth of the body, there are a gradual hydration and delivery of the ingredients into a skin throughout all usage time

3 layer – a transparent protective film that is removed before applying the patch