Body Warmer Patch



√ Designed specifically to reduce menstrual pain
√ Stops pain at the molecular level
√ Wide range of applications


A Korean Body Warmer Patch with warming effect is recommended for a relief of menstrual pain, muscle pains, partial loss of joints mobility, stretching and dislocation

The warming effect temporarily blocks the pain receptors, which significantly reduces the intensity of spasms and reduces muscle tension. The body warmer patch does not give just the placebo effect – it stops pain at the molecular level, just as pharmaceuticals do it

The therapeutic effect of warming increases the elasticity of the muscles, which weakens the tension and improves a body well-being. The warming effect lasts for more than 8 hours and reaches 40-50 ℃

The patch fastens directly to the clothes and is easy to use. In addition, it’s safe for everyday use.

The main ingredients of hydrogel patches are natural – chemical synthetic ingredients are NOT used. Clinically proven effect

Ingredients: Activated Carbon, Vermiculite and Diatomite, NaCl, Iron, Water