About us

About us

Brief information about our company.

We are Korean Pharma Company established in 1992 which is specialized on manufacturing and promotion of cosmetic hydrogel patches, medical devices and food supplements in form of ODF (Oral Disintegration Film).

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Information about the products

Our products are registered in Europe and Korea, depending on the classification; likewise, we have Clinical and/or Efficacy Studies for the majority of them.

Currently, we are exporting more than 50 countries under closer relationship with partners and we have strong R&D and RA Team.

Our production.

I. R&D Center and its activities
Our R&D Center has been established in 2013 in Guro of Seoul, main activity is Pharmaceutical Galenic Form Development, especially Hydrogel Patch, ODF (Oral Disintegration Film) and TDDS Patch. It is official researching laboratory which licensed by our authority.

II. Study
We are doing several interesting and valuable studies under long and short terms basis and some studies are co-developing with 3 famous korean pharmaceutical universities.

III. Technology transfer
And the technology transfer for ODF is also done by our R&D team, we have already done some ODF Technology Transfer to China, and this technology transfer is expanding more and more. And, we also have several patents for such technologies, and some of them are PCT processing status.

IV. Fabrication
Our factory is located in Incheon Songdo has a facility for producing the hydrogel patch directly.